Mystery Helmet Mandible Repair **PIC ADDED**


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For you other MH owners...

Has anyone noticed a slight angle on the forward mandible/visor area, like this?


NOTE: Image not drawn to scale!

I noticed it in Las Vegas a couple months ago, and you can really see it when you hold it up, allowing light to shine in through the keyholes.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way knocking SgtFang's wonderful work, I think it's either a one-in-a-million flaw with the resin, or warpage due to the fact I removed ALL of the center area. It's still the best available helmet for us ROTJers, and I'm VERY happy with the product. Props to the Fang!

I am getting ready to repair the area, making it more perpendicular, and was wondering what my options are. I should have never cut out the entire center area.

I would guess that a brace would do the trick, I just want to make sure that it's sturdy enough to work. Something more than just 'a piece of metal'.

Any ideas?


Here's the promised crappy picture...I hate my camera.

Not the best shot, but you can make out the slant, I think.
Do you have pics of your actual bucket in the same angle to show it as well?

It "may not" be really that visible..?.. I never looked at mine for that.

You could try and braise it behind the visor once it is in place, mine is braced top and bottom of the vertical visor, but I didn't do it to "fix" anything, just to help keep the visor in place and being popped out.

There is no real way not to remove all the visor area, that is pretty much unavoidable as you can't front mount the visor like on some DP's due to the lack of depth in the visor area.

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I know what you mean by 'not that visible'. I showed it to two friends, and they didn't see it until I pointed it out. Just me being the perfectionist, I guess.

I'll try to snap a couple crappy digital shots tonight when I get home.
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Not quite like that, but it always looked to me like one side tapered in on the real thing.
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I have to agree with Braks that although the real ROTJ bucket is warped, its not the way the mystery helmets warp is.
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