Mystery Helmet Ear cap Correction


Gone but not forgotten.
I've been catching up some threads about the MH, and see there's some disappointment with the ear cap. I want this helmet to be the best it can be so I"d like to get a group consensus on what the real dimensions should actually be.

So I'd like y'all to copy this pic I snagged from Batninja's thread, take it into your favorite drawing program, and draw in the measurements you think it should be, post it back here, then we'll take a vote on what is the most accurate, and I'll make a new pattern for it.:)


When I get the new one done and molded, I'll send out a free copy to whoever sends me a self-addressed, stamped, PADDED envelope.

That work for you guys?

Ok, so everyone's ok with the current earpiece except for it needing to be thinner, and the wedge on the bottom?

Can someone post a pic or two of the wedge lapping under the main piece? I never noticed that before.


I altered the pic that I posted at the top of the thread a little. Originally I think I had the 'wedge' at the bottom of the earcap a little too thin, plus as is visible in the RotJ helmet pic, you can see that it doesn't come to a point where it tucks under the base. It's squared off.

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