My wooden jet pack parts

Reverend Scapegoat

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My wooden jetpack parts

A mate of mine lathed these up for me, and dropped them off tonight.

Thoughts please, people? :)
These parts are probably going to end up on a rush-job foam-and-plastic pack for hallowe'en / Memorabilia.
But at least I HAVE them, and can remove them to put on something more accurate at a later date :)
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Dang that is Good! The "Sniffer" is enthralled by the scent of pine and Mohagany.
I wonder how much all this will weigh Scapegoat. The "Sniffer" must know!
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Those look great! I always wondered when someone would attempt this. I can't wait to see how they look painted up.
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wow! those look awesome!! :)
won;t you see wood nerves when painting?
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They look like Fir or Pine...if its sanded and primed right, they should be just fine!
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