My very first "test" bucket

Hi all!

After doubting a lot I just bought this bucket from Ebay for about 100$. It looked kinda good although I haven't got the "trained eye" yet to dtermine whether it's actually **** or not. The info said it was sanded, primed, had the visor installed and the RF and stalk were already painted..
What do you guys think? Did I just make a good deal for a first bucket or did I get screwed?




So, ease my mind: good choice or not? :)
Not bad for a starter helmet. All in all I've had four buckets, and each one has gotten better, not just in terms of my painting but also the quality of the bucket. How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking?
That helmet was in the Cargo Hold here on TDH... You can probably get more info about it in there.


Looks like the thread was dropped, I just checked and didn't see it anywhere.
Mandalore 697: it cost me 107$. The fact that the visor was installed and most of the preliminary work was done kinda convinced me to buy it in the end..
Not sure... I think so... You may wanna compare the eBay name to the TDH member list. You might be able to track him down that way.

If I remember right, I think some of the other members here said that its a cast from some sort of DP. Whether or not thats true, I don't know... Its just what I THINK I remember of the thread, as I didn't pay it much mind at the time.
Not a bad price really. Even if it is a cast of a DP, it's not bad for your first go. And you got the visor already. Get painting and we will see how she looks!

Ok, thanks! Now to see if I can get my hands on all the right colors over here in Belgium. I don't think they sell Floquil over here... :facepalm
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