My unfinnished helmet


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Hi, just wanted to show people my first helmet.....yeh unfinnished...but just wanted to see what people think of it....
the red paint does look bright...but in real life it is a lot more dull!!
Ive just ordered some more paint off the net to do the green (im gunna mix it my self to get it right)

but v.proud of it (sorry if the pictures are bad :facepalm



Looks great man! If you are worried about the form of it, don't worry, once you put the visor in, it will all be good. A fair warning. Make sure the mandibles are properly secure while it is sitting around. I just left one of my buckets around like that, and where the inner cheek meets the mid cheek on the bottom, it cracked. Oh and when you put that visor in, make sure the top part of the visor is wide enough, if you know what im saying. the horizontal slit. I've seen some that are too narrow, just make sure its nice and wide when its visor time. Goodluck!
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Im using masking fluid (winsor and Newton) its really good!! Gives a great effect!! I got it ages ago when i did water colour...but i was never that good at it!
I should be getting a visor from BM any time soon...when i find out how im paying him....
i think the helemt looks pretty cool grey and red.....hummmmmm
Thanks tho!

good start. slap a visor in it and you may want to add the half circle to keep the flare and shape. cant wait to see it finished.
Added the green and more damage.......going ok i think, Will be trying to get the back and 'ear' colours now....and my visor....but more photos...sorry if they are blurry.





This is a DP 96 or 97 i think....
Ive seen a rubies on looks so bad!!!...though after extensive resotration i think they look better....alot better!!!
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