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hi ppl

a couple of pics to show my work in progress. I am preparing to recast it any day (either in fibreglass or carbon fibre)

just looking for any comments before i make the final mould. i know the crown is a little to high but that is one bit i really don't want to alter. any other comments would be extremely welcome.

the dimensions, as far as i can tell, are simlilar to the delux DP (except for the crown) :facepalm


it appears a little narrow, almost like the "cheeks" area need shortened from the bottom up if its possible. Otherwise it shows incredible heart if this was scratch built.
Keep going, never say die.... :angry
It was initially made from card and scrap bits etc, i then cast it in resin mortar to enable me to work on it. I will once i am happy recast in fibreglass.

i think it is narrow as well, although if i cut and widen do you think it will make the visor too wide? this weekend I am also going to lessen the height, although the distance from the bottom of the eye slits to the base is approx 140mm (which i believe is correct). I think because the crown is too high, by about 20mm, it gives an overall narrow feeling.

but yes it is entirely scratch built (there is no post post buckets in there lol)
well i have decided to go for it and cut the sucker in half over the weekend. I plan to widen it by about 10-20mm. Watch this space, i will post the revised pics on Monday if all goes well :facepalm

i really hope it doesn't break
hey.. what ever happens.. if you're doing a custom mandalorian you should paint it the way it looks now on the pics.. i think it looks really old and weathered.. !!
Hi ppl

Well i cut the bucket in half over the weekend and widened it. I have included a before and after photo (the after photo is the one still showing the scars of the operation :lol: ).

I would be extremely interested in any comments on the results and if you think i have widened it enough.

yups... now i'd try to "close" the mandibles together a bit, on a same kind of distance as before, but with a wider bucket you should have more flare. :cheers
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