My suit

here it is.

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Looking good so far, a bit of weathering will make it even better. I look forward to seeing your finished suit, well done!!!



Zurath Kodul

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Very nice, man. I like the way it looks.

What did you use for the weathering? The scratches are a nice touch.
I recognize the rifle to me a toy M-16, corect?
Also, how'd you do the wrap-around gauntlets?

All in all, you did a better job than I did my first time.
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I'm going to get a army belt, some clip packs and a gray dress that hangs from the back, from the belt. Like the arc troopers of of Star Wars Battlefront 1. And in the future make a custom jet-pack.
I used spray paint on the weathering. Yes m-16 you rifle, got it at goodwill one day. I used for the gauntlets pieces of wire and cut holes in the cardboard and stuck them through.