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hi dudes,
this is a show thead for my scratch built jet pack!
For built it I used the WOF templates (thanks sooooo much(y) (y) ) with some my modifications,and my 3D drafts for the other stubby pieces that i made with the lathe.

So,after that (+o- a 10 days ago ),I started to work on it .
I used a plastic pannel (the material is Forex) and i cut all the pieces.
I glued them with a bicomponent glue.

Sorry for the bad quality pics,it was my cell.

I add inside 2 layes of resin and fiberglass to make the structure strongest.
For the curve on the base of the middle missile I used the "green florist foam" .After given it the form, i painted it with 4 hands of premier and then i add resin and fiberglass.

So, it is not finished, but the result is this:

Questions and comments (positive or negative) are welcome!:)
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