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Skalen Fehl said:
Did you make this or your son? How old is he? What kind of trash can? Looks cool!
my son is four, so i had the pleasure...

the trashcan is rubbermaid brand the small one. it has some nice curves to it, fat on top and goes skinny, so it has a good torso structure.
Katua Fett said:
Did you use a templet for the leg armor, neck and back along with the cod peice? If so could i snag it from you?
yes i did, i modified the ones that you are able to download here in the jango forums, i simply reduced the size on the medium by half on adobe ps,

if you need me to i can do it for you.
sons flak progress.

getting some good practice before i sew mine!
material is blue vinyl with that cloth backing, and the grey is from orbital buffer which i r&b'ed with.

total cost so far,

trash can 4.00
r&b 3.00
paint 2.00
vinyl 7.00
jumpsuit 10.00

doaner 4.00

right now 30 bucks, still need belts and blasters, afraid if i give him a pack hell really try to fly away!
time spent on it with my boy...priceless!

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sons prototype helmet

used the dome from a kids army helmet which i found at the "spirit holloween shop" cant wait to see this thang finished.....

visor is wide...i took in to aspect that this for a little one, did not want to restrict visual.

next step is to resin it up,harden shell frontal, reinforce with fg the cut out visor.....

any suggestions...


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