My Ruffkin gauntlets


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Well, its been a slow process but my gauntlets are near completion. My left one is done for the most part. I still want to make my LED/switch functional when I get the time. I decided to try and finish the costume before I finish up the electronics. Here is my left gaunt. Right is about half done. Enjoy-


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Thanks DM, they are painted with Krylon Satin Burgandy, then black misted pretty good, then silver applied, then a little more black mist till it looked right
Thanks guys. I am almost done with the right one, should have pics up soon. Somehow I am a little happier with the left one:facepalm Thought the second would be better. Maybe I am just being picky. The best way to contact Ruffkin is via email I think. These kits are awesome for those who don't know by now. I was a little worried about doing a bunch of prepwork and building to put them together, but its really not. Little prep to the resin parts, mainly the missle, but not bad at all
Wow, forgot to post new pics-




Ruffkin metal darts installed, hose connectors, and 3/8 copper tube. I need some advice for the top hose connector
Looking great man! I've been anxiously waiting and just got my ruffkins in the mail today and can't wait to get started! Quick question, how did you attach the 3/8 in. pipe? And did you use rivets on some of it? Thanks for any info!
The pipe was attached using JB Weld. No rivets at all. The gauntlet halves are held together using Goop on the outsides, and velcro on the insides.
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