My Rubies Helmet pic.


Hi Everybody Im new to this stuff and heres my attempt at a RUbies helmet. using spray paint and accrylics


and mind u that it is a RUBIES so this is the best that i can do so far.

I have not painted the UPper cheeks and the earpeices yet also i have yet to do a wash of black over the entire thing. I feel that i need a wash of black cause even with the weathering it still has this "new" feeling to it.

any suggestions are welcome

please post any ideas.

thanks all
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You might want to try narrowing the visor a bit... bringing the red parts of the visor together a little more.

good work on the paint job so far!! specially after the washing I think it'll be a real nice bucket!! :cheers


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Omg did that rubies come out of the box mostly like that? mine was a mess, but heres my ESB rubies. (heavily modified of course) ^_^ (mine was a rubies latex mask thingy... sorta.. if you wanna call it that... it was half caved in and warped all around and no ones head could ever fit in it... sorta looked melted)

Picture 026.jpg