My ROTJ \'\'wookie scalps not easy\'\' PICS..


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My ROTJ ''wookie scalps not easy'' PICS..

It has been a while since I've been trying to complete my ROTJ armor. ''Upgradings not easy''.
I am sooooo trying to finish this outfit once and for all. It seems like everytime it feels like its coming closer to be finished it truly isn't. Anyway this week I decided to add on the wookie braids to my vest. First of all I braided the synthetic hair I found and the results were not too great. I need a better texture of hair. Secondly the layout of the braids are confusing as we all know.I'm dissapointed at my results. So I must try again and do a better set of these braids next time. Like I said upgrading is a must till you get it looking right.

Here are the pics:
I dunno man...they aren't too bad. Looks like you really did a great job of braiding them...just didn't have the right texture of hair. I feel your pain. I think I found the correct colors for my ESB, but the hair is so coarse, that it bushes out in huge clumps (kinda like your braids seem to do;)) When you finally find the right texture of hair in the right colors though, you should be able to make a dang good set with your braiding skills;)
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JK.... I just have a few more tweaks here and their to make them look better.Yeah I guess these braids will do for now. As time goes buy I will upgrade them. I just want that movie accuracy version.
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