My ROTJ Gauntlets with pics


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My ROTJ Gaunts with pics

hi guys

heres some pics of my gauntlets that bought from a friend and painted.

I used bic ball point pens for the tips of the darts and some model RC car parts for the base of the dart, all came to about £10 to do them

There not accurate gauntlets but with a little work on them they should get there in the end, but its my first pair ive bought and painted.

I used my Games Workshop paints and a black matt spray can to add there effect of blaster burns.

Got a key pad from a calculator to add on to one of the gauntlets tonight and need some hose clips



Lookin very nice there UK. dig those darts dude! (y) should make an awesome addition to your suit!:)
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Outstanding, Neil. Great weathering job. I'm going for the bic effect on my darts, too, unless I can work some magic on some 6" nails like some other members have done.

Who's gauntlets are they, out of interest. They look quite similar in shape to my MB ones and it's encouraging to think that mine could look like that (someday......maybe).

Plus, what colour GW paint did you use for the red? It looks dead on IMO. I may have to invest in some!

Great work, mate.

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Your gauntlets look very nice, I would do a bit more weathering on the rocket.
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Hey Neil,

Those things look real good. Like the battle effects.
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