My ROTJ Gauntlets -- Almost done!

Boba Swede

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OK.. so i have a need to show off my stuff.. buts that's just because i think they look so frecking awesome.. ( i don't know the meaning of the word "modest".. do you?)

here are the pics.. enjoy!





I haven't installed the "flame thrower" yet.. but it's coming..

I would also acknowledge Boba Cop for letting me buying his old gauntlets.


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Gator Fett said:
Very nice. :thumbsup: Who made the original kit?

I can't honestly remmember right now.. but they are out of fibreglass and resin. They came as two halv shells.
The "missle" is soldi resin. The keypad and noozles to the flamethrower are out of resin and came loose with the set (as did the missle). On the right gauntlet the top hoose connector is out of solid resin and so is the upper side hoseconnector, both of which also came loose with the kit.

The lower hoseconnector, the plumbing parts and the darts (BIC pens) are my own creations.

just to clarify.. Boba Cop had started putting these gaunlets together. After i bought them i sandpappered them and re-painted and assembeled the halves together.
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