My Right Jango Rocket Launcher

Thanks! Just don't ask if I am going to do the rest of the gauntlets. I just don't think I can.
why make a whole new one. I'm assuming the old plain one was resin? why not pencil out where you wanted your lines and taken a dremel to it? you totally could have modified it. :) on a side note, very nice replacement, lookin good. I notice you made it out of styrene? abs? either way dude, dump the epoxy. go to your local hardware store and ask for CA glue in a medium thickness and a bottle of spray accelerator. trust me, you'll be way happier on projects like that in the future :) nothin quite as fun as building stuff on your own :)
The old one was fiberglass and it was easier to make my own. I have got it cast and the dart as well. I have updated my web page as well.

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