My rant


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I have noticed a lack of professionalism in the way some of the members here do business. I don't know if it is simply because of inexperience in the process of performing work-for-hire duties or what. Time and again, there are threads calling people out for something they were paid to do, but haven't responded to posts. There are many reasons people can't get online to respond.

Members here are the nicest, most helpful people that I have interacted with. The members of this forum that make, paint, repair, etc. props are for the most part here to enjoy a hobby. They do favors for people here because they can. To expect them to focus only on YOUR prop and give up their lives to get it done, is ignorant.

When I build or paint something for someone other than myself, I am more of a perfectionist than I am normally. I want the final product to be as perfect as possible. Perfection takes time, especially when the customer is not there to try it on, give feedback, etc.

Please, people, when you make a deal to do work-for-hire or have work done for you, get an estimate of the timeframe. Let the customer know about the progress. If there is anything keeping you from getting work done, let the customer know.

Customers: If you call someone out in an angry sounding post, the person doing the work for you may have good reason for not getting in touch with you. New members reading these posts may be reluctant to have such work done, and could ruin the process for everyone.

I guess what I am trying to get at is, be patient, there is no bounty hunter factory here. If you can't get hold of someone doing work for you, just ask someone. Many people here know each other outside of the forums.

I hope I have not offended anyone by this post. I am only trying to help.


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I dont think it could have been said any more polite than what you posted.
Being in the automotive body repair career I from time to time take on what is known as a "side job".
The one thing I do is be honest with folks right off the bat on how long or even if I can do the project.
Honesty and a good line of communication goes far when taking on other folks projects no matter what the project is.
And I also agree on how nice the fellow Mandalorian fans are here.Everyone has a positive out look in wanting to help folks achieve their goal of completeing their Mandalorian project,no matter what it might be.
I live in the North Alabama area and if I can offer my services(paint work,that is) to help someone with there project drop me a PM.


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Yeah, its sort of annoying how people post a topic "calling someone out", saying they paid for their stuff and haven't received it, they PM'ed them a couple days ago and didn't get a reply,etc. I think mabey you guys should think about perhaps making a child forum for the Cargo Hold on those posts or something. But then again, I relise having a feedback forum,etc. may also cause some probolems, as obviously people have diffrent standards on how/when they should get their stuff. Its just sorta annoying to me about not having a feeback forum, but I also understand why we don't have one. :facepalm


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Sorry but I think that as a consumer there are certain expectations. I think that a person has a right to question/wonder if they are getting to response to PM/email. If you are going to be a vendor, you need to maintain communication or deal with it when someone gets worried due to lack of communication. I can understand how people feel, I wouldn't care if you were best friends with vendor X and he's a great guy and no one should worry. If I paid money for something from someone and he doesn't respond, I would call him out too. I haven't bought anything from anyone here but if I did, there would certainly be some expectations on how I would expect to be treated.

There have been guidelines given for this topic in the CoC which we all agreed to when we joined this board. It reads like this


If a member owes you something, make EVERY attempt to resolve the issue privately. Should all attempts at a solution fail and you feel you have no option but to make a public post, remember to be respectful. Do not to label someone as a "thief". Posting a deal-gone-bad to the board should be a last resort.It is not the administrative staff's place to "police" every transaction on TDH."

I think that says it pretty clearly. Try to avoid it, but do it respectfully if you find yourself in that situation. Seems fair to me.