My Prop Palace Jumpsuit Update - PICS ADDED!!! 10/05 DYED!

Jedi Bob

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How aggravating is this!!! :angry

This is what the USPS web site says when I enter my tracking number...

Your item was misrouted. The error has been corrected and every effort is being made to deliver it as soon as possible. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

Here is what happened earlier:
INBOUND OUT OF CUSTOMS, September 28, 2003, 7:36 pm
Sorry for you, I know how that scenario feels.
Hope its worth the wait !!!

Let us know

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Well, it says "the error has been corrected." I just hope that meant as of Sunday and it is enroute to my house and they just neglected to update the system. I have had the USPS deliver items and 2 days later, it said they were still enroute! :lol:!
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Yeah, I've gotten things that are Still showing in route from 2 weeks ago. With all the Clavens at the post office, it doesn't suprise me :lol:
Hope it makes it there soon Buddy. :) Let us know how it came out.
Robert E.
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Okay, belive it or not, my package arrived tonight.

First off, the workmanship is great. There are some slight mods that will need to be done, but they are slight. It is a bit baggy, but I lost weight from when I sent the measurements.

BUT THE COLOR IS WRONG!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry
I specifically asked for a faded gray and sent several pics. I haven't contacted them yet about it.

I sent in a pretty high res copy of the fett pic in the Star Wars Visual Dictionary. You can clearly see the color is a faded gray and the contrast between the Jumpsuit and the side pouches. They madfe the entire suit in the khaki that was supposed to be used for the pouches!!!



Now, of course the first thing I thought of was "well...maybe I could dye it!" I am hating the fact that it will take me another possible 2 months to get a new one and who knows what that may be like. I mean I am very, very happy, as I believe TK409 was, with the material used and the quality of the work. It is very comfortable and roomy and appears hard wearing. I think it will weather nicely.

So, my friends.... what would you do?

Thanks for all your input.
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I would have asked TK409 what color he specified and then I would have told them that to begin with however I would have sent that back to the company and said the following...

"This is not what I ordered, not even close. Please correct the problem and send back ASAP. Any costs incured are to be absorbed by your business."

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If I where you I would take off the actual color as much as posible and then dye it to the shade you want.
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Bob, just looking at the pics and the real deal....I was abou to cry!...honestly, just thinking about what you're just going thru. We told you about PP and the alternate choices.

Anyways, if it's your choice or if time is not a matter for you, I'd send the jumpsuit back to them with an email to them telling them what's wrong with it. Anyways, the side pouches are WAY off color, they should be like a greyish tan, not exactly khaki. Other choice is to send them the exact material which you want the jumpsuit to be done with. You'll hear from them soon

It really sucks big time, specially with something that takes so much time to be done. Keep us posted of what did you do to fix this problem.

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Any of you experts think this may be worth trying to remove the color and re-dye?
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I'm no expert, but I would wash that suit in the washing machine with about two or three packets of Color Remover for 30-45 minutes, and then I would use RIT pearl gray in increments until it got to the color I wanted (figuring, of course, that it would dry lighter).

I can't believe they screwed up the color. They either didn't read/look at what you sent them, or they just didn't care. Boneheads.:angry

BTW, what kind of material is it?
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It looks like it is 100% cotton. I don't think they realize how beneficial it would be to just take a little more interest in perfecting this garment. I will say again, the quality is great IMO. I was thinking of making the following presentation to them:

- I keep the suit and attempt to dye it.
This way, I have a suit in hand that is comfortable and fits well.
For them - they are not stuck with a suit that no one is going to want (unless thay do a custom outfit).

BUT - if the dye job doesn't take, I send it back and they make me a new one. What do they have to lose?

What's your opinion? Does that sound fair?
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Hey Jedi Bob,

The fit is looks fine,craftmanship great. Is there any way you can cut off a 2"X2" piece of fabric, that can be your tester. Maybe you can cut inside the pouch on your legs, then with other fabric sew in new patch.
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When I ordered, I asked (for the heck of it) if the spats were included. They sent me a pair(same color as the pouches.)

BTW - the pouches are the same color and fabric as the suit. The flash makes them look darker.

Maybe I should try it with one of those?
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So if the spats are the same fabric as the jumpsuit, I would try the color remover method on just them (the spats) and see how it turns out. If the color won't fade, then send the jumpsuit back keeping the spats (which are a kind of khaki color anyway). If the spats do fade, then do the same with the jumpsuit. If it is 100% cotton, it will fade. The real RotJ jumpsuit appears orignianlly to have been white, then dyed gray with just a hint of tan in it. Quality-wise, it looks like they did a pretty good job.

::Edit:: Oh, and if it is 100%, it'll shrink some which will eliminate some of the bagginess. Be very careful if you decide to throw it in the dryer. You may want to just line dry it to be on the safe side.
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Jedi-Bob wrote:

BUT - if the dye job doesn't take, I send it back and they make me a new one. What do they have to lose?

What's your opinion? Does that sound fair?

Suit looks great!!

But if you go and do what you mentioned above without asking them first, they could tell you your SOL ($#!+ out of luck) for messing with the product and trying to send it back.
Try doing that with something from a regular store and see what they tell you if it was tried to be returned.

Even thought PP made it wrong anyway and you messed with and tried to return it after the fact without asking, PP would have every right to tell you your SOL.

Contact them before you do anything to it.
Good luck.
My .02
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I've heard other people say they sent stuff back because something was wrong and they changed it. Free of charge I think. I would contact PP and see what they say before you do anything to it. It would suck to have to wait but better to do that than mess up this one and be out all that $.
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TK3130 wrote:

I've heard other people say they sent stuff back because something was wrong and they changed it. Free of charge I think.

Yeah, I've heard this as well, although I don't see how they could alter the existing jumpsuit. They'd probably have to make a new one altogether.
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I agree with BF. Remove the color from one of the boot spats and then dye it again. If it dosent work send the jumpsuit back.
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I am going to wait to hear back from them first and then I am going to try redoing it. I take it RIT has a color remover? Is this an easy process?

I could have sworn someone else on TDH was awaiting a jumpsuit. I hope they are reading this and contact them before they end up getting theirs in FUSCHIA OR MAGENTA!

Thanks guys!
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Yes I had ordered one, it got here and was way too small and missing some features of the suit, I e-mailed them and they are making me a brand new one, for free. BUT you do have to pay to send it back to them and that isn't cheap.
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