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My mandalorian leuitenant progress


So far i have my:
Flight suit:$10
Gloves :$10
Vest material:$10
Trash can armor:$10
Helmet(not shown):Free

Heres a closeup of the armor

I screwed up on the armor,my exacto knife wasnt sharp enough .
Post any critisism.
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There's nothing better than sandpaper to help make everything look right. :lol: Trust me this is a lot better than what I'm doing. Great start!


Rudy G.
I like the boxy look. Do you think that you could make the kneepads look a little thicker? Or perhaps double the thickness with another layer of plastic?
Im going to buy a new ,resin helmet for my suit.
The reason why is that my helmet was sitting under the bed,stuff got put on top of it,and now its horribly disfigured.Im keeping my eye out on ebay.

Untried Hunter,out.
(ps.the knees are made from a small trashcan,im going to buy another for the shoulders.)
I just looked at the nerf herder thread,and i have too many ideas!
im going to a swapmeet on saturday,im hoping to find treasure.

ps,here is my color scheme:

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That vest pattern could work, ya just have to mod it a bit and add the shoulder pieces, and the boba bad Jango ones are significantly different. But ya, it should work. My mom's a seamstress, so I sorta know what I'm tlaking about from whatching and talking with her about this stuff.
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