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*original deleted, revision as follows*

I was givin a tutorial claiming to be Lisas, turns out it was not. This thread was started by anger and I apologize to everyone that "flamed" from my flame. Its time to put out the fires.

Ive cardboard cut out lisas, and it looks wonderful. Thank you for your effort in making this. I do notice its not perfect, but then again... you didnt imply it was, thats up to the creator to do.

To several that "fanned the flames" Iam sorry your "advice" only ticked me off further, but remember... adding fire to fire only makes it worse. (not targeting anyone... but some IMs were sent that really didnt help.)

To anyone else this may concern AIM tagname "bobafettwannabe" isnt to be trusted. If you get messaged from him/her, please take caution. That tag is were I got the tutorial.. and I dont think he/she is a member of TDH (even though claiming to be)

Heres my POS I made from the WRONG tutorial, although my imagination did help it. ((although getting angry and then this situation i have since put my fist through the pack and shattered it into very small pieces.. did hella wonders on makin the anger go away. Ill post pics of that too ^_^))

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Well, for one, I don't really think Lisa Fett is under any obligation to post a tutorial. She did it for the sole purpose of helping folks with an alternative to buying a spendy JP. Many folks have enjoyed what she posted and feel like its a great alternative. Its too bad you didn't feel that the instructions etc worked for you, but you have no right to bash her tutorial simply because it didn't work for you. Perhaps the reason you are having difficulty, is that you are in a super hurry. A word of advice....take a breather, then approah the project with renewed strength. Shure, its no MB or MLC, but that pack of yours ain't that bad man. I'm betting you could still make it presentable;)
The forum exists strictly for ideas. The tutorial that was mentioned is excelent and was created for the benefit of those that choose to use it. You are not under any obligation to use it, see it, and let alone talk bad about it. As for your wasted time, materials, and attitude.......... the author of the tutorial nor is anyone in this forum resposible for your inability to cut, glue, shape, paint, or any prop making skill that you or anyone lacks. If you want to place blame on your "POS" jet pack, blame yourself.
o yea......learn some tact.

This is just one more example of some of the newer members around here expecting others to "hold their hands" through their projects and its becoming increasingly more frequent. When I started building a Boba Fett costume I had NO TDH or Google Images or anything else of any detailed help and I got by. Maybe not with the super accuracy that is coming out by our members these days but pretty good since I had only a 3.5" toy to go by and my VHS MOVIES. No Digital still photos. So go back and rethink where your placing the blame. I've add some pictures of my first 2 JetPacks I scratch built from SINTRA, PVC and BONDO with a few extra parts found in any hardware store, again I did these long before I discovered the TDH. My First JP even fired off compressed gas that appeared to be smoke. So next time you start something as difficult as a Jet Pack take your time and plan out the project.

Currently I am working on another super accurate Jet Pack project for my Boba Costume where I'm looking to have many of the components CNC'd for me.




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Kissker first man you need to be a little more respectful. Second, I know there are a few people out there that has used this tutorial and the stuff cam out just fine. Have to use your imagination just a little, and how many JP's have you built in your time? Prob none, so chances are this was your first try at this and nothing ever works out just perfect the first time. Unless you really know what you’re doing. So give it another shot or go buy one.
When working with materials you're not familliar with it's going to take trial and error and TIME to get it right. A step by step tutorial is'nt necessary to build a decent jet pack but patience is. I built mine without a tutorial and it turned out fairly decent. Yours will as well, but it's going to take some time and as you work on it, your skill working with the materials should improve.
Lisa did a wonderful job with her tutorial. I learned some things reading it and I'm glad she took the effort to post it. You should be as well. Without it, you wouldn't even have gotten as far as you have and you have come a long way from just thinking about it. You are halfway to a finished jet pack and you're on your way to aquiring some decent prop building skills. Hang in there.
actually ive built 5 to this day, 3 times using the tutorial making sure i took my time and read directions accurately. SOMETHING is not right as they all come out the same way. and for further info, ive had a friend build one from it, without my assistance, and his turned out like mine.. he tossed his immediately. and for you, robyesc, how much could you possibly know with nothing. patience eh? lets see... 58 hours of work, taking my time, shaping to my body, bending,scoring and close fitting... if thats not enough time, then somethings wrong. I never rushed the packs. each pack has blown 20 something dollars outta my funds. As for me not gettin as far as I have.. heh.. look at my freakin helmet, I had NO assistance making it.. and it turned out hella better then all these POS. ive torn apart the last 4 and used the parts for the 5th, carefully recutting some edges off and reshaping others.. and yet.. this one still isnt right.all iam saying is there need to be more pics, the "template parts" dont make since. its the shape mostly.. i look at the pics.. then at the template.. and.. they dont match. wish i could explain more so some of the newby posters would understand.

Iam old. Iam tired. I dont need some young ass tellin me what to do. Assistance is welcome, and so are suggestions, but not flamage.

I dont know what tutorial you mention there, but the one I was given has no detail what so ever "glue right-right to right center" thats it. It says wich parts to glue were, and some of the templates have labels that match these instructions, but there are no pictures or anything.
what the heck are you talking about if for any reason you guys think iam directly attacking ANYONE let it be clear, Iam not. Iam just saying (yes ina rather disgruntled tone, but thats acceptable) that the tutorial needs to be enhanced.

Iam sure "Lisafett" is a great person and I have nothing against her, its the tutorial i was sent that says its hers that I have a problem with, wich by the way IS NOT THE SAME TUTORIAL. Someone lied to me, gave me "LisaFetts ultimate jet pack tutorial" and I started on it. I found another labeled LisaFetts Jet Pack Tutorial and it does not match at all.
Kissker said:
its the tutorial i was sent that says its hers that I have a problem with, wich by the way IS NOT THE SAME TUTORIAL. Someone lied to me, gave me "LisaFetts ultimate jet pack tutorial" and I started on it. I found another labeled LisaFetts Jet Pack Tutorial and it does not match at all.
Wel then it seems that we all have a simple misunderstanding here. I suggest that everyone calms down and takes a couple good deep breaths. Kissker, I'm not taking any sides with or against you, I'm just saying that we need to all relax. What tutorial were you using then btw? The tutorial your using is making the Jp too short and stubby to be lisafett's. She has a website I believe. Maybe you should check that out. or something like that, don't qoute me on that though. Anyways, we all just need to relax and remember that this is a place for comlpiments, requests for help, and so on. We don't need to result to name calling. If your upset about lisafett's tutorial, you can still say so! Just try and keep it clean and calm sounding. Everyone starts with a not-so-good fett, it happens, it's part of this hobby. Thats why people here have V2.0's and so on. Anyways, I think I have tlaked enough. Just try and keep it clean and cool guys and gals. This is supposed to be a positive place.8)
the biggest thing here is i never called anyone a name. The junk torial i have is NOT lisas, looking at the thread and comparing simple lines to each other, its similar, but someone just typed it in there own words and simplified it to all hell, ruining its uses. Reading lisas.. well hell i bet mine woulda turnedout hella nice if I had her REAL one.

I apologize for any "anger" problems that may have been caused.. bad timing.. I ran outta meds for my disorder and this JP thing just peeved me off.. again Iam sorry.. if you need to ban me then.. please go ahead.

To "LisaFett": Your real tutorial seems very nicely done, i have yet to try it out.. Iam out of supplies, But I am sure I will be happy with the outcome.

To Noobs: coming in with less then 20 posts and acting like your the best in the world normally just pisses people off, help is wanted yes, thats why TDH is here, but dont flame

To everyone else: Sorry if you all think I attacked you or anyone else, again, I ran outta meds for my condition (Iam bipolar) and everything just bottled up and blew before I even knew it.

Thank you for your time. Now.. back to the JP in the picture.. is it so bad that I should just.. scrap it and start over with the real tutorial.. or maybe wear it for the movie (midnight showing) and then rework or what? whats your ideas people? (If Iam getting banned, then please.. lock/delete this thread after the few people that need to have read it and said there piece, no reason to have people posting when Iam gone.)
I would say paint it and wear it for the premiere and then save what you can while you scrap the rest. Goodluck with the lisafett pack and sorry to hear you ran outta meds.
Lets keep it cool fellas.
Kissker, Lisafett was kind enough to spend her time to create a JP tutorial. You should be thankful for her contribution.
This forum is all about building on one anothers tips and advice. I would suggest that if you feel the tutorial needs to be updated, then YOU should update it.
look at my freakin helmet, I had NO assistance making it.. and it turned out hella better then all these POS.

I dont think it has anything to do with anger management, but this line got me, and I laughed quietly to myself, thinkin about some of the helmets phantomviper has made from rubies buckets. now i'm not sure if that was directed to all that has atempted to construct a rubies, but it seemed that way to me.

also The Dent was warned everyone about using profanity, and masking it, that is my gist, and Why I said what I did in my post, not for insults, but since you want to point out such a query, there Ya go.
Wait... let me get this straight... You made a pack via an "incorrect" tutorial THREE times. Ummm... at exactly what point did you decide something was wrong? Instead of slamming lisafett's attempt, since you now have so much experience, perhaps you should make one yourself. And considering the level of precision you require from a tutorial, I expect yours will be PERFECT!
Brak, at the time I originally read your post, it only made me more angry.. I went downstairs and punched the JP instead of posting at that time. Your sarcasm is borderline offensive.
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