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Hi All, well after months of work here are a few shots.
Of course after they were taken I noticed a few tweaks needing to be done.. such as thigh plates moved around on me which I have since added straps to both... and the ammo belt moved a bit too - working on a fix now as well.

What these pics don't show is all of the extra weathing and misting that was done.

I have a little more work to do on this, but overall this has been a satisfying process (eventhough frustrating at times).

Just wanted to share, as I gleaned many tutorials from the knowledge base here and wanted to say a big thank you as it made figuring things out a little easier.

Jango 001a.jpg

Jango 004a.jpg

Jango 008a.jpg
WOW!, looking awesome to me bro(y) You look all buffed out in that last pic. I know a great fix for those thigh pieces that's very convenient and will keep you from having to make holes in the flightsuit if you're open to suggestions.

looking choice,
Thanks all, suggestions are always welcome. I haven't put the holes in for the thighs as yet. I only glued the straps and snaps on last night.

What are your thoughts? :)
Awesome, Kivas!! (y)
I stumbled upon your helmet thread a while back, and was wondering when you'd post up pictures of the entire suit. Great job!
I really like the Mandos in Open Seasons, so I'm basing my custom I'm building on the that Mando style. This is a great inspiration to me!
thanks all, so I now understand the feeling when you put all this stuff on.. I am sure the neighbors were wondering who the hell was wandering around in my house..:lol: :lol:

thanks also goes out to many but include Wizard of flight, Seeker,Jd, Cruzer, Ruffkin,
and many many many others for a variety of reasons . (y)

After wanting to learn about Jango Fett's a TDH friend told me about Jango Fett: Open Seasons comic book series. I've been reading. The weathering looks okay. I'm looking at Open Seasons, #3 the red sholder bells don't weather to a gray but to a darker red color. Lorenzo on the TDH is making a OS #3 Jango and I think that I will too since I have an extra Rubies Jango helmet. ;)

Also, Jango is wearing a red cape too like Boba Fett wears in the Star Wars movies. I didn't know that Jango wore a cape until I saw it in the comic book. ;) I bought cape material previously. I was going to make a customed Fett. Though now I'm going to use it for the Open Seasons, #3 Jango costume that I'll be making. I'm going to bleach the green color of the tent material that I have then dye it red to match the Open Seasons, #3 Jango. ;)
My friend Dan and I are working on the Jaster that has the diamond on his chest. We've been having a lot of trouble naming off the paint colours, what do you recommend?


The weathering and colors I used were after leghtly discussions with the actual colorist.
Good job Kivas. Do you know where I can get in touch with the actual colorist that you mentioned? Thanks. Are you planning on getting a red cape too? When I saw this in the comics I thought the cape looks cool.

I'm changing my mind I'm going to make a Jango Open Seasons, 4 where he has blue armor and a blue cape. Please get me in touch with the colorist that could really help me out a lot creating the Jango Open Seasons, 4. Again thanks Kivas. ;)
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