my new rotj chest armor


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Finally got the first piece of my Fett costume sorted, the vest and chest armor. For my first set of armor I think it looks awesome, what you can't see from the pics is that the armor also has a working chest display too.

The metal blocks on the backplate are the pieces to hold the collar and back armor together properly as in the actual prop, I just need to trim the back armor and then screw it all together.

Anyway here are a couple of pics:

Chest armor and vest

back armor and bolts

Boba freekk

Its actually RA armor and its awesome. By the way do both the pics work for you as I cant get the chest armor pic to work.

One of my friends got the little metal blocks machined for me.

thats funny, i couldnt see it either.i was commenting on the backplate.i rechecked this post and now i can see the chest armor :confused
Hi i am getting my armour soon (its fiberglass and gel coated) what type of speay paint is the best, also what is the name of those colours you used?

P.S im in Scotland.

Oh boy, you arent messin around are you! That is a fabulous looking set-up. And for your 1st attempt no less! The force is strong in you, I predict you will become a great jedi, ( Errr... I mean bounty hunter!)

Nice looking armour mate!

Great colour, too. Do you mind sharing the name of the main green colour and where you got it?

Can't believe someone in the UK has found a good RotJ Armour colour.

Nice going!

unfortunately guys, i didnt paint this. RA did it, and a bloody good job they did too. i recieved my cod armor today and its equally as good.

i am trying to track down some of the main green colour though, and if/when i do find it i will let everyone know, especially the UK guys. i agree the UK is a nitemare for sourcing the paints.

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