Jodo Kast My new Jodo Kast helmet..

Jodo Kast 3

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I just purchased this from a good friend over at the OJA. He had had it for some time and was finally willing to part with it for the right price. It is a Jodo Kast helmet with the paintscheme from Masters of Teras Kasi video game. Its a 95 DP with some slight upgrades. There will be more in its future. And yes...the third Jodo Kast helmet will be in my collection eventually.



Third Jodo helmet??? I've only seen the Teras Kasi version, and the green/orange like in your avatar.

Sweet bucket! (y)

There are three versions:

Mine= TEOD version
New one= Masters of Teras Kasi
Third one= Decipher version

Yeah buddy!!

Thanks for the compliments!!

Third version??? Thats a lot of helmets for an unknown character. :lol: Seriously thoug, thats a nice addition to your collection brother.
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