My new helmet and some serious help!


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Ok this is a pic of the helmet I bought from a friend today. I want to strip it down, and turn it into a boba. I belive it is a DP95, but might be a 97. I alos want to use some citadel paints(games workshop) and was hopeing to get some help on a ROTJ color scheme. Also, I am unhappy with the the way the visor was attached, and I would like some tips on reattaching it and cleaning up the mess in their. I can provide a pic of that if people want to see it. Thanks for looking and the help.
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yeah a shame if you have 3 buckets that look supreme allready and have enough money to cash on another one just to leave it in it's original state.

I presume you want the red visor to be alined symmetrical?

hmm.. maybe this one will crack if you take it out, but a new visor is easily bought or created.

buying is a little easier, but alot more expansive.

I toke a piece of plexi-glas and cut a "T" out the size of the inside of the bucket. then attach it with glue or brackets or wichever you prefer ( and try to keep the outisde clean from glue residue etc... can be tricky)

then test a black or green paint spray on a scratch piece of plexiglas from a distance, and then check if you see through it. ( you need to test your spray, as some don't make a nice transparant fog, but all kinds of lose paint particles blocking any form of light to come through.)

I used tamiya paint spray, high shiny black, worked for me. It's now like looking through sunglasses.

as for detaching the allready installed visor... hmm... gues is depends on how its installed, if it's done with glue or kit, you might be able to peel it out of there with a lot of patience, and a knife or other tool.

hope that helps.
To clean the paint off of my DP, I started with 220 grit paper then finished with 409 degreaser and a green scotchbrite pad. To install the visor,I used two part epoxy putty to fill in the mandables and under both sides of the "T", sanded it flat and screwed it in. Looks great. I had a friend help me with lots of know how on this,he also set the flare and I think its dead on. If you want, PM me and i'll send you some pics of it.
Darkboba13, who is *Jaster*? The previous owner? :lol:

Also, to take off paint simply apply a layer of brake fluid and let it soak into the paint for about an hour, then try wiping it off with a clean cloth - the cloth won't stay clean for long - and if it is difficult to get the paint off, just apply some more brake fluid and let it soak some more. You'll probably have to do that a couple of times, but then you would be able to get the paint off without scratching the surface of the helmet.

It really works.

Afterwards, you should clean it with some alcohol based remover (don't know what you call it) to get the brake fluid off, before beginning to prime and paint the helmet.

Good luck. Oh, and btw: nice looking helmet! :cheers
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Well I bought the helmet from a friend, Who bought it from the original owner. I have no clue as to who owned it personally but it looks mighty diffrent now.
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