my new ESB gauntlets

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my new ESB gaunts

Hey folks, I finally got around to working on my FP ESB gauntlets. Still planning on adding a set of Russrep's darts, but otherwise they are pretty much done. Man...what a fantastic kit!!!!!Everything went together fairly smooth, and the resin pieces are so good that I basically just primed & painted. Color is good old testors POG, then gray mist, then blackwash.
*special thanx to FP for the wonderful kit:D
Thanx to WPK for helping me get these;)
thanx to secol for hostin:)

Please LMK what you think




Looks great Damian ! I've got a couple of odds and ends to finish up my paint job and then mine will be done too.

One question,what color LED is on your whipcord (not the red one) looks greenish/clear's the one thing I'm back and forth on,but yours looks real nice in those pics.
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Thanx alot guys:) DL, the led is clear, but lights up greenish yellow when it is on. It has kindof a whitish/milky color to it now because I didn't remove it when I sprayed dull coat over the gauntlets. thanx again for the comments fellas:)
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Wow, those look sweet man, great job. I especially love the way POG looks on those! They looks dead one dude! ;)

Slowmo: They're FP (fettpride) fiberglass gauntlets.

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That's amazing!

I've been trying to get in contact with FP for a while now about these things, glad to see your turned out so amazing! :)
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Thanx for all the kind words guys:) Yeah, I really think POG with a bit of misting is the way to go with these. Think I might go with the same on my JP.
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Man those are some sexy gauntlets. FP makes some damn good kits, you did a great job painting them for one hella good looking set there.
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Thanx so much everybody. Yeah, i can't really take much credit with these...all I did was put em together & paint em. FP is Da man!!!!:) Also, probably wouldn't have thought to use the POG if Lee hadn't found that first. SO thanx again to RS too;)
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