My New Codpiece - New !


Well-Known Hunter
The Codpiece
(By Gorlan of the Red Lands)
(To the Tune of "Greesleeves")

If you've never worn a codpiece before
It is a strange sensation
When you traverse across the field
It makes obscene gyrations


A Cod-piece can fool them all
Make them think you're large
Even if you're small
Just be sure you don't fool yourself
For it's still just imagination

You have to be careful in a crowd
Each step made with hesitation
For a careless bump to another's rump
May result in penetration


And to be sure it works like a lure
And will raise a wench's expectations
But have a care you have something there
Or the night will end in frustration</p>


They can be made of silk or be made of steel
You can paint them with illuminations
You can even use an old drinking horn
And gain the blue feather's admiration


There are many reasons to put one on
It really needs no explanation
But the best of all, It will still stand tall
Even if yours is on a vacation.


They can be at rest or in full salute
In any desired configuration
But the best to date was a castle gate
The drawbridge got a standing ovation


So, having said that, here's mine :lol:

The hardest part is where to start with these pieces. Because in REAL LIFE, what Yoda said is simply WRONG. ("Size Matters Not") :lol:

Based on a combination of sources, pics ref etc. It's roughly the same size overall as some of them floating around out there, with more of a concave for that "Cupping Feel" :eek: Now, I know this might not matter for you Gal Fett's out there, but there's a definite benefit of support for us. Not to mention, it doesn't just lay flat down on our "Area" looking like a cardboard cutout or something ....
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Seriously man . . . you gotta slow it down a little . . . in like 18 hours you've given us two beauty components. Keep this pace up and we'll start expecting perfect new fett parts every day! :)

:lol: Great intro + nice piece(y)

...just a thought, but did it ever cross anyone's mind that the real reason Fett is abstinent lies in the origin of the dent?:lol:
I don't know . . . is it just me, or is anyone else a little pissed off with Fettpride?

I mean . . it's been almost TWELVE whole hours now and . . . I haven't seen any new Fett parts from him.

Come on guy, stop letting the board down.

Ego I heard felt the same way then I discovered that FP had been wrapped up with about a millions e-mails and PM's. :lol:
We may not see him for months.
More great work.

You're making my wife really nervous. I only just got my first set of armour and I'm already going on about all these upgrades I "need". ;)

Keep it up.


Tabomabi wrote:

Mods, can we place all of fett prides threads into one locked thread?
Pieces? What pieces? ;)

I'm sure that once he gets a moment to add his upgrades to his own suit that he'll take plenty o' pics for the rest of us to drool over.

FP, any plans on making the butt plate to go with it?
Dude you are truly insane! That song is hilarious! It's interesting when we don't see FP for some time, we just know when he returns we will be dazzled and amazed and we are every time.
Hey I was going to ask you to write song for my last post but since your busy building and scuplting the whole costume in a week I think you're too busy. LOL. Good work.

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