My MSH project has begun.........

DL44 Blaster

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Here's what I have started so far.......not much,but it's a beginning. I have to re-do the color on the back of the helmet to more of the blue green that it should be.

My Fett helmet 1.jpg

My Fett helmet 2.jpg
Yup. Shes lookin mighty fine!!! I can't beleive the quality of peoples buckets either...really some fantastic stuff from lots of folks lately. Keep up the great work:)
Thanks for the compliments guys.I'll keep posting update pics as I do more work. The hardest part about the current paintjobs I think,is painting in front of the PC screen since the AOSW pics are of such awesome quality you can zoom in for a perfect match. Error of human hand is the only mistakes that are made........maybe a surgeon would be better at this :lol: They have REAL steady hands. :D
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