My metal interior guts... ''Pics''


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Metal interior guts. Done update 4/19 pics

Hi everyone , well I got bored and decided to take on a small task wich I have been wanting to do for a while. I have always been fascinated by the ''interior mechanical parts'' inside of the Boba Fett miniature ''Riddell'' helmet. So I truly wanna have those cool looking gadgets inside my Helm as well and with the help of my saved scrap sheet metal and miscellaneous tiny metal greeblies laying around I made these so far. ''NOTE'' these are far away from being finished I still need to add some more pieces and tweaking plus a paintjob towards the end.

PICS below:

Update 4/19/05

Ok its been a little while since I started this small project. Finally these gadgets are done and here are some pics of the gadgets temporary installed. Scroll down to see new pics. Oh yeah the pics are not great but you guys get the picture;) .








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looks great :)

small favor - can you post a pic of the inside of the helemt, or direct me to a link with a pic? I am not at home and don't think I have a pic of the inside

I am a HUGE fan of tricking out the interior of buckets!!! I think you're off to an awesome start,and the fact that your using metal just makes it better. I plan on tricking out my Fett interior when the paintjob is done,so this is inspirational to me(y)

Keep us posted.............

Yes I will keep you all posted as I progress. Today I did some more tweakings ,so far Im almost about done with the interior ''right side'' gadget only. Beleive it or not I can still rig up a miniature hearing sensor wich I have. The hearing sensor can fit inside these gadgets thus making it truly functional plus a tiny CPU fan can also fit inside the other gadget for a nice ventilation .The air should flow out thrue the bottom fins of the side panels.
Lookin' GREAT!!!! Please keep us updated as I'd like to save your pics when individual peices are done for some reference for when it's my turn ;)

Again,great job

Speechless!!! It's by FAR the best looking Fett bucket interior I've EVER seen!! I can hardly wait to see the final product.:cheers

Thank you guys for the replies. I really dont have much left to do with this project except color the inside of the helmet add cushions and the voice kit. I know it sounds like alot but beleive me they fit fine just gotta get creative on how to install everything.
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