My lifesize General Grievous sculpt


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Hello all!
Finally I finished the head and the neck. I had to resculpt the collar and It istill needs some sanding work and the details.
The screws are not the accurate. I have to change them.:happy
I hope you like it! (Sorry for the crapy pics, I promise I will take better.)





Here you can see the size. It is huge! (He killed a jedi sculptor for
this saber! :lol: )

Please let me know your opinions.


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Nicely done. What medium are you using? It looks like Bondo, a lot of Bondo:lol:

It is carved in polyestyre foam and then covered with epoxy A+B and then lots of bondo.
For the neck and collar there are wooden parts for structure and they were covered with fibergalss and lots of bondo.

Thank you all for your kind words.
I am workin on arms and torso.

Let's be in touch.


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It's coming along very nicely. I've been watching your progress on TPZ too. I meant to tell you that I took some photos of the Grevious mock-up at the Star Wars Science exhibition if you want to see them. PM your email and I'll send you some pics.


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Only one thing I can say about this........ WOW. This is so cool, If i was to walk into a dark flat and that that standing in the hall, well you can imagine...


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... and finally it is painted...
Here are some pics. Let me know if you want them in a higher definition.
It took its time because it's a marbled texture.
I also added the "microphones".

Some details:

The eyes are provisory, they will be replaced with hand painted acrilic ones:

I hope you like it!

Let me know your opinions.
It is for sale in the Cargo Hold!

Let's be in touch.



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That is a very nice sculpt,

and how did you learn to sculpt like that?
i have a few projects coming up that require sculpting,and im in the dark.
Thank you for all your words.
I am an engeneer but I love sculpting since I was a child. I never studied modeling but I recomend it because I wouldn't spend hours of work and money trying different techniques and materials.
I started sculpting replica props since last year (I was 30).
Let's be in touch.