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Ok kids,

In anticipation of the Reference CD, I shot some new pics of my upgraded Jodo stuff.

First, my newly weathered and TEOD accurate left gauntlet..


and then my new Jodo Kast sidearm. More acurate to TEOD with the square gun butt instead of the round one.The top blaster was my old sidearm. The new one is the one beneath it.


Both gauntlets were weathered, the new sidearm was painted, got some painted replacement parts for my concussion shells and lots more goodies here and there.


Great looking gear there my friend. Is the paint on the gauntlets an exact match to your helmet and shoulder bells?

As well, as stated on the OBJ Academy forum, let me have first dibs on that "outdated" blaster? The new one is awesome but I'll play second fiddle if the music is right. :lol:
Phantom Viper...

The new blaster is an MLC ESB Fett blaster that is being offered in the Blaster section.


Yes they do now. All of my orange on my armor all matches now... It looks sweet. Shoot me an email about the blaster.

Forced trekker..

Shoot me an email about the blaster.

Thanks for all the compliments..

Cool. I've always loved the weathered orange. My original idea for a custom was orange and black, like a Mad Max style muscle car I built.
Awesome!!!! I love the burnt orange colors as well. I really look forward to seeing this suit when its done!! You are really doing some great work!!!
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