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Well, I'm going to call it done for now. I managed to snap two shots of the helmet before the stupid AA batteries ran out. I still need a servo kit and I'm waiting on some RF lights trying to figure out if I should put some decals on the ears or not.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Note the slight warp on my MSH's left visor/mandible side. Any ideas on how to fix that?



End silly update.

UPDATE (for those who may care):

The helmet's gotten a lot dirtier now, still need to weather the ears. Need a visor, need to attatch the RF to the helmet and maybe add some lights. :)








Again, Any suggestions, please let me know folks. :)

End update
Hey, how are you? And the kids? Good!
Well, a few weeks back I set upon making a Jodo kast helmet, My first attempt failed miserably at the final stages of painting. So I took a page out from that little train story and got back to work using the economical mustard method.
As it stands my helmet is at 90% completion. I need to figure out what color i want the ears, what decals to put on the helmet and I need to add the stripes along with a LOT of detail weathering.

Feedback, is appreciated and yes I know the greens look weird, that's because I decided to go in a completely different direction than other jodos. :)
Yousa bombad!!!

Glad to see the Jodo craze is sweeping the nation. I love the orange you used. I went with a more vibrant orange but yours is much truer to the TEOD Jodo which has inspired us.

Care to list your colors for our reference?

Once again, well done amigo.

p.s. I think Jodo has 6 kill marks on the helmet starting just above his left eye. Can't wait to see your finished work!!!

p.p.s. Did you do the masking with actual mustard? Bam! Never thought of that one!!!
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Thanks :)
I wish the orange looked as good as it does in the pictures above, it actually looks a bit more like it does in this pic:

#1 - Krylon Satin Touch #3522 Italian Olive
#2 - Krylon Camofage #8143 Olive Drab
#3 - Krylon #2411 Pumkin Orange Gloss

I felt really weird using mustard to mask, my house smelled like hotdogs for a while.
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Looks great(y)

How long did you keep the mustard on before taking it off? And how did you take it off? I tried it once on a piece of scrap and I could not get it off it was hard as a rock. I love the outcome of the mustard . looks great.
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wait a min.... mustard? thats for sandwiches pal :D or you are talkink about other kind of mustard :D

any way your paint job looks pretty good (y)
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Thank you, thank you very much!

Hopefully this helmet does justice to all the great Jodo's out there.
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Great work. Mustard never looked so good. The fact that you used a MSH for your Jodo speaks a lot for how much you were willing to dedicate to the project. The paint job looks great – not too much damage.

Now, you can’t leave it there can you? Surely you will invest in the rest of the suit? Whatever you decide, that bucket should go on the Kastalorian Wall of Fame.
Fantastic Job!

The slight warp is supposed to be there for ESB Boba accuracy purposes, as it exists on the real helmet. However since this is Jodo you may want to change that. The bad news is that you should've changed it before you started painting. Arturo used a MSH for his Jango so he had to fix the warp as well. You may want to seek his advice.
Thank you guys for all the responses, you guys rock.

About the warp, I'm not talking about the wavy visor warp. I know all about that one (I'm doing a complete ESB Fett :D) I'm talking about this little section right here:


See how the helmet comes slightly off the visor?

I'm almost certain that wast there before and I didn't notice until after I installed the visor.

Either way I don't really mind, I think it gives it character.

Edit: Fixed picture
Looks Great! And it looks like you used the same paints I did for my ESB (less the orange of course). I can't airbrush for sheet, but I thought those same colors looked like pretty good matches.

Super job, can't wait to see the rest of it!
Outfit? ;)
Great, now I gotta do an ESB and a Jodo at the same time.

I want to do a cool interior to the helmet, and I want it to look fully functional. i.e a set of bobo's lights and a cool RC servo, but since i'm on a really tight budget I don't see any of that happening for a while... maybe.

No new batteries yet, so for now no more pics... but pics of what? :p

Am i rambling? yeah, I haven't slept in 4 days.

Baddblood wrote:

I want to do a cool interior to the helmet, and I want it to look fully functional. i.e a set of bobo's lights and a cool RC servo...

Well since you're on a tight budget, (Shameless Plug)why not try my servo tutorial Here.
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