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I don`t know if I`ve posted this before but I figured it was time to throw these up....Enjoy.



NIICE helmet there :)

Could you tell us which colors you used? I'll be making a seriously battle damaged one for a friend and I just love your scheme :)

Great job!!! Most of us here at TDH would recognize Jodo right away, but you better get used to being called Boba by the rest of the world. :lol:
Thanks everyone.....

Jouneymanprotector, Well, the orange is the same orange as used on the shoulder bells and knee armor. The green is the standard green used on the Boba Fett helmet. I had it painted by RA, so if you really need some techinal specs on the paint job. He`s the man to ask. I just gave him a picture of Kast`s helmet to work from and told him to "have fun with it". He did an outstanding job.

very nice, i agree with getting use to being called Boba thou, i was called that about 60 plus times at gencon in my stealth fett outfit, i was even called goth fett by one of the auctioneers, :) its all good thou.
SUHWEET! Very nice! *sigh* I've got another costume to add to the ever growing list...

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