My Jango Version 2.4-Updates Added!


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Been a while so i thought i would post up some test fit shots. Still gotta get that armor vest sitting right and close up the collar, but i think its coming along nicely. I am obviosly not wearing my FP gauntlets cause i am still having some closure problems with them. Enjoy and LMK what needs work

The Armor is alum by DS
The belts and holsters are 8oz leather by bkbt
the flightsuit is postal blue by red kap
Helmet is an MLC (look familiar mirax?)
and the blasters are resin fugazi's with metal accessories on them







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They are the "No Boundries" boots that were found at k-mart and walmart i believe. I forget the model name but that was the brand. They were about 20 bucks but they are low tops not boots. They have very close to the correct sole and the square nose. So they are the closest most of us have found. The silver "armor" section is just painted in to make it look right, i couldnt see cutting out sintra to fit in there and then glueing it in.


Wasp said:
What kind of boots are these?

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Thanks. As you can tell i am in the final mad dash here to C3. I am waiting on my rope belt and kness. I have the legs but theey are being rubb n buffed at the time of the pics. The flightsuit still needs to get the double sleeve sewn in. The color i think i am going to leave because i am really liking the steel blue versus the purple color. The Gauntlets are getting their elastic closures and the flame thrower decided to fall off, so thats going to get re glued... ahhhhhhhhhhh. OK i can make it though. And as if i dont have enough to do the jet pack is coming this weekend... yeehaaa. Man i wish i had some prop building friends around here, i could use them right about now.....


Master-Jedi-Allma said:
looking good buddy!
Keep the pic's coming as it comes together....

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OPPI, looks great. Actually there are 2 avid SW prop makers that are also 501st in your area that I know. PM me and I can send you some details. We are actually doing a ROTS premier at Celebration Cinemas in May near Grand Rapids. Hope to see you there.
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Oppi! Out-freaking-standing! That aluminum holds up real well. Do you plan to weather the helmet a bit? Either way, it still looks awesome!
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Thanks for all the kind words. I am working on it feverishly to get it all done. Working on the voice amp, FRS and headset combo deal right now which will all end up going into the ammo pouches

Also gotta start velcroing the armor to the flighsuit. I will be doing some weathering to the helmet and the armor. The helmet has a good deal of weathering but it washed out in the flash.

Mirax I wish i had that pic you took of you wearing that helmet. Man it was big on you.

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That really looks awsome man. The sides of the top of the cod shouldn't be showing, hopefully your girth belt will cover that up (mine does). You may have to move the cod up a bit (if you can, but don't try and push your abilities!). Keep up the great work!
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Thanks i hadent noticed that yet on the cod. From the looks of it i will have to lower the point at which my holster setup connects to the cod. Not by much though but its easily changed

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Well since I posted last I have fixed the cod/holster situation, (thanks askywalker). I am also working on the sewing of the flightsuit, double sleeves, and velcro. Gauntlets are done, I am just finishing up the elastic closures.

And of course my JP is well underway now. Got a nice GA for a real nice price from a fellow board member. Cleanup went a lot faster than i thought it would after seeing it in the raw. Little bondo here and there. Primered and base painted krylon royal blue, and the white tanks are underway. Couple of progress shots, more to come as i get finsished



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OK, i've been super busy. Got my knees in the other day BIG thanks to JD of that. Got them painted and my aluminum darts installed.

Also finished up the last outstanding touches on my gauntlets aside from the weathering which i have to figure out how i am going to do that.

JP is done in the paint dept. Just needs to get some weathering, details and final assembly. Oh and a harness of course

see the pics and thanks for looking




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OK and the JP is done. This has been an almost everyday project. I still have to add some foam inside to help stabilize the rocket which is now glued in. It is weathered which is a little washed out in the pics. Also you can see the beginnings of my harness system. The back cover of the JP, I have decided is going to be a black tee shirt cut to shape. I think it will be a lot easier than fitting the sintra to it. I will see how it goes and let you all know with a few more pics when that is done. for now here it is.

FYI the thrusters still need to be glued which is why they arent straight in the pics, and the decals are on the way.... thanks VashD

thanks for looking, and thanks for all the kind comments



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