My Jango Fett build

Discussion in 'Jango Fett Costume' started by Demonhuntr, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Demonhuntr

    Demonhuntr New Member

    Sorry bout the lack of updates. The cold has mostly hindered my oppurtunities to work on this, dont have a heated workspace :(.

    We did order some pinstripe materials and made a list of stuff still to do which was a bit more than I figured:

    Pinstripe Helmet
    Motorize Range Finder
    Repaint Armor
    Craft the wings for the saber dart
    Cut a hole in the flakvest for the jetpack (dreading this one)
    Weathering the armor/flightsuit

    and a multitude of small things. But im commited to getting this finished this year, its taken too long already and the finish is in sight!
  2. MrSWman

    MrSWman Jr Member

    It’s a long process from start to finish but in the end, it’s all worth it when you suit up. Good luck on the rest of your build and I look forward to following along.

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