My Jango Fett and First Event!(NEW pics added!)Thanks TDH!


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I just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone that has helped me with Info., guidance, and others research to make my suit a reality.( Special thanks to BKBT,MOWS,MLC,Seeker and MiraxH for the pm guidance and everyone here at the TDH for.... well you know!)

Heres a couple shots of me at my first trooping event last night for the release of the DVDs at Suncoast Movie store in Ft. Wayne, Indiana! I need to get my new vest completed as this one is a bit short in length, new gloves and boots(coming soon) ,but otherwise what do you guys and gals think? I've spent almost a year and a half getting it to where I was happy ,but like Seeker, I'm always looking at re- working something!:) I know I'm a bit tall for the part ,but I tried to capture him as close as I could. I'd love to know what my fellow Jango enthusiest's think so drop me a line!
Thanks team Jango!

First pic: Like Father, Like....err! Well you get the point!

the rest of the pics are my 501st Garrison entree photos:

That curtain is a little much huh?LMAO!

last one!:
Sep24016.gif the way! I'm finally an official 501st BLOODFIN garrison member! I know,I know! I'm a newbie out of control, but I am extremely enthusiastic!;)
thanks for looking!


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You did a very good job at keeping the proportions right for your size!!! Excellent. Yeah, vest is short and need a new girth belt but aside from that, I think it really looks great! Is that metal armor?
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Thanks for the comps you guys!;)

Yes, I have been working alot on the girth belt as of this afternoon and did another set of photos for my 501st pics which I had to retake! (See the new pics and LMK what ya think.)
Maybe that one photo was a little mis-leading as far as the girth belt was concerned! If not, please do recommend what you think I should do to correct my problem other than replacing my vest for a correct longer version!
I am a tall guy at 6'3 and 230lbs so I was afraid I'd never be able to fit the suit well so I take that comp. very seriously!:)(embarrased!)

The Armor is infact NOT metal ,but Resin and Sintra! I opted for paint rather than the rub and buff system. I found that the paint called "alclad-chrome" gave me exactly the look I was after and took alot better for me even during the weathering!
You, BKBT, and Seeker helped me out tremendously with your pics and experimentations.
Much respect and thanks!
sincerely, jonathan/shunned
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Very nice pics.

I also can't wait until my costume's finished and join the 501st Bloodfin Garrison soon. :D
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