My Jango Bucket (step by step)


After more than one month of work and documentation, tests , ....
I'm going to show you the Work in progress of my Jango Helmet.

1. Purchase the bucket (thank you JD)

2. Cutting with dremel, and sandpaper the edges

3. Sandpaper all the bucket with 600. Glue the hear peaces and Fill the gap with bondo.

4. Primer with grey, Sandpaper all the bucket again with 600 waterproof and 800

5. Mask with tape, and spray paint with the light blue

6. Then the dark blue

7. Rub and Buff and buf and buf and buf .... :)

8. A little color comparaison (there is no krylon in Belgium)

There is also a lot of thing to do :
- second layer of rub and buff
- put the metal grid
- the two black stripes
- The T-visor
- the rangefinder
- Weathering

But I'm really proud of my first bucket so I want to share it with you. Thank you for all you advices, thank you for your support, and to accept me with my bad english and my ennoying PM :).

9. me !

Pierre .
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hansoloway said:
Outstanding job on your first bucket!(y) Wasn't that fun?

That was so cool and fun, but I think this is not good for my heart :) (cutting and painting give me a lot of stress :p).
But the key is to take the time :)
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How did you RNB the bucket? Did you mask it off and then apply the rub n buff? Also how did you get to those hard-to-reach places? That really rocks bro, and for a 1st bucket, you ought to be mighty proud! Congrats!

Master Jedi Allma

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Fantastic stuff buddy!(y) (y)

Only suggestion from me would be them triangles could do with a little excentuating so they stand out a bit more...

Great work and keep it coming!(y)

I loved the Jango build process!;)
My JD turned out sweet and i'm proud as punch of mine.:)

Check out the impact a full cut-out of the triangles did for my JD bucket below...


Now my attention is turning to the painstaking Boba-fest and i'm just building funds and courage!:lol:

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Oh... :lol:
The black striping is just the same old black pinstriping used on cars.
Its the same as what most use here, but i chose to go for the double pin striping set and used the thinner of the two.;)
It comes with a thick stripe and a thin stripe and i used the thin one which i think looks better than the slightly thicker single stripe you mostly see used around here.

Sorry ESKILAX, not trying to hijack your thread buddy and only wanted to show you the triangles on your bucket would look better with a little more attention...

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The Sniffer said:
...just used rub-n-buff!
just? JUST?! Rub n Buff is the MASTER!!! Just kidding sniff-master. What costume are you planning on doing anyways? Or are you just here for the exotic smells?

What did you guys do to get in the hard-2-reach parts of the bucket? Like on the back, etc. ?


Master-Jedi-Allma said:
...wanted to show you the triangles on your bucket would look better with a little more attention...

It's a good idea :)
Yesterday I've fixed the T-visor, and purchase the black stripes.

Today I will excentuating the triangles and buff again my rub and buff :p

Soon (this weekend):
-Put the black stripes
- Interior
- finish the painting of the rangefinder.