My Helmet


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This is (hopefully) my finnished helmet!!!!! It was all hand painted as i have no spray painter and is all my own work. All the battle damage was done using artists masking fluid and i think its turned out really well!! (appart from the back which i dont like as much so thats my there is no photo of it!!) My favourite part is the dent!! i think thats my greatest accivement so far on this project, i think its looks well good!!!!
Hope you enjoy it!! :cheers

my helmet 5.jpg

my helmet4.jpg

my helmet7.jpg

the dent.jpg
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Boba Swede

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Good Work man!! Keep it up!

I actaully kinda like the blue at the back.. sure.. not as dark as the real thing but i like it.. the color scheme looks really good!
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No i havent yet, what kind of hoop would you recommend???
Ive got a mad rush on at the mo to cut out and bend my remaining armour as well before saturday when im going back to uni.......ahhhhh


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I used a Cross-stitch hoop from the local arts and crafts store. THe largest they had was a 7", but when I took it apart and flexed it open, it worked just fine.

Nice paint job!