My Helmet


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I've got 4 shots of my helmet at

OK, it's confession time, I didn't have anything to do with the making of this one. I bought it yearrrrrs ago...(before I even dreamed of making a full costume)
The colour scheme's probably not 100% but hell, I love it to pieces :))


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Oops sorry again folks....(I'll eventually get the hang of this;-)...They should all be "seeable" now at the above link.


Is that a Don Post helmet?

The jet pack is amazing, what's the story with that?


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well it's actually a helmet that, like I said, I picked up yearrrrs ago.
It was made by a fellow Aussie who's gone onto bigger things. Personally I think it's better than the ones he's producing now...(but I'm probably just bias)

The Jet Pack is a completely scratchbuilt one. What's in it??

Everything from plywood & PVC, to Spaghetti-sauce jar lids & Waterspray bottles.

You see, by the time you add in the exchange rate from U.S$ to Aussie$ it's just wayyyyyy to expensive buy anything from overseas, so it's much cheaper to make things yourself...(and more fun too)