my helmet is done... what do you think...


New Hunter
YES!!!! ITS DONE!!!!
here it is ... what do you eh?


now...Time to celebrate. uh-oh!!!! Me-sa thinkin' we'sah...being friends...


what do you think? should I...join me... you will!!!


may be just one , or two...some one is gonna sleep tonight...


but not after a late night drum session with my back up dancers... makin' with the back-ups


.... keep in mind its like 12 am on a weekday, and the neighbors are asleep...

lets see you and your buckets enjoying a beverage of choice and random activities
Well, I can't say that I need a shot of captain right now, but your bucket looks very nice!!! Your weathering/damage looks very realistic, (perhaps a tad large in some areas) but awesome none the less!!!Terrific lookin bucket there!! Look forward to seeing more good things from you!!
Looking good. You may want to dull the shine on the dome unless you're going for the shiney look. 8) Testor's Dull Cote will do the trick quite nicely. If not, it looks good as is.
Looks good, but like Bobafettish'd probably want to dull the shine in the helmet, looks like a NEW old bucket, or an old, new-looking bucket...which confuses me...:wacko :D

Looks like I will have to come up with some form of stencil or something or draw in light pencil and then paint in...

I don't have paint pens and I have no idea if I can even get the U decals.

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