My Gauntlets


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Just finished my gauntlets. All scratch built from just about anything I could lay my hands on....(there's even a bit of a window squee-gee and a child's light-up pen in there)
They're in my folder "BishaFett" in TUBFC yahoo group, page, thingy.
Any comments etc would be greatly appreciated

these look awesome. They make me wanna make my scratch builts better!!!!. I got some questions about parts that you used.

What did u do to make the side attachment on the right gaunt, the piece that shoots out the grappling hook.

What type of glue did you use?

And did you coat it down with anything, I coated my right gaunt with a can of triple thick crystal clear to get it to look vacuuformed.

Anways, i think these look great.!!
Yes they look very nice! Good work. If you need a calculator pad and dental expander i have an extra set...make me an offer!
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