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Hey all,

Been too busy at work to do much work on my Gauntlets cept to source for some parts and modify others. Still, managed to pick up some toggle switches and a red 'bulb'? for them today. Drilled in some holes and well, here ya go...

'Bulb' on Gaunt:
" BORDER="0">

Toggle Switch ON[or vice versa]:

Toggle Switch OFF[or vice versa]:
" BORDER="0">

LMK what ya think. ;)

If you're interested in gettin the LEDs of Toggles, check out this post:

LED Want List

Stay safe.

Looks good H1

Nice finds. I've not compared them to ref pics. How do they compare size wise?

They got me fooled on first inspection, anyhow!


Looks pretty close to me, having now seen a comparison:



Could perhaps be a tiny bit too big. How does the smaller one look?

HH, thanks!

Actually, that is the smaller bulb. :D

Couldn't compare the toggle switches cause there weren't any on the Ref CD pics. :)

Stay safe.

Wow? I totally missed those LED's? Are they Radio Shack? They're much closer in appearance than the one I used. Definately interested in that lamp ...


Ditto on the bulb info.

::Edit:: Bad news. I just returned from RS and they do not carry those. :( Here is what I did find, although neither one is correct:

This is about twice the size of what would fit, plus it has ridges on the side of the lamp (like a pop bottle lid).

12-Volt, Jumbo Red Lamp Assembly with Bulb $2.99
Catalog #: 272-336

The next one is the right diameter, but it tapers at the top and actually looked too tall.

12-Volt, Hi-brightness Red Lamp Assembly with Bulb $1.99
Catalog #: 272-331

According to the sales guy, they just don't carry a wide variety of small pieces like these anymore.
Hi guys,

Glad you like em. Okay, I got both the toggle switches and LED's from a little store here in Singapore. Couldn't find the push buttons though... :(

Best part about it was that they only cost about $1.00 apiece. ;)

If any of you guys would like me to help you out with these...LMK and I'll see what I can do.

Stay safe.

TK-Fett, unfortunately that little store I got the LEDs from was just that, a little store. They handle mostly AV and PC hardware.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe.

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