My first sheet metal armor mock up

Well, alot of people asked to see my progress pics.
So here they are.

Before you look these were taken at 1AM with my cell phone. LOL Im fully aware of what isnt right about every detail.

But anyway enough yacking,...




jet packfrontviewqs9.jpg

jet packsideviewua8.jpg

The metal stretching machine literally ripped the corners off one of my chest pieces, so that gonna have to be replaced. No sanding has been done, this is raw sheet metal without even all the details finished yet.
This was my first mock up on the only flak vest I have, which is a bit too small for me, and the wrong color too boot.

Youd think putting this on would be a piece of cake, but its an exercise in contorsionism!

My hats off to you WOF these were made from your plans.

So what do ya think, not bad for a total of about 30 bucks worth of money, and alot of time and research.
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I think it looks good but you need to work the ridge into them, BM has armor where most of it was screen used, check out his site, he's got some great in progress shots (y) (y)
Do you have a bead roller or something that might be able to bend the edges over to give it a look of thickness? Don't even know if that would work, but might look more smooth than hammering them over a corner.
Bumped for reply and updated pics

No bead roller, this metal is .080" thick which is just under 1/8" thick aluminum sheet and its T-6 to boot.
I only had to hammer the back armor into shape due to its odd shape and overall size. The rest of the armor was rounded on the edges by using pneumatic metal shrinking and stretching tools.

Lots to still do to it, but progress has been slow, this is all I have been able to get done since October.
Are you using steel for the JP? Looks like there are some tacks at the bottom. That's where a Miller spoolmate would come in handy.:) (If your using aluminum.)
OH NO, no way Id use steel, we carry that stuff in stock here, Id have to use stainless, and aside from it being a pain to work with, it would be heavy as hell!

It held on all with velcro at the moment. But like I said it was a first mock up. Just like with any costume, you get to a point wether ready or not you just have to put the pieces together to get a glimpse of what its becoming. Im picky enough it might be a year or two before Im ready to say its cloe to being done. But Im finicky that way. Im already a 501st member so Im under no gun to get it done tomorrow. LOL
This is really sweet. I'm hoping to make my own set this summer. I'm planning to start with a trash can set to get a feel for things and then make a metal set.
Its not looking too bad though, im even considering making my own fully metal suit with some working parts
(we're gonna have to try something more suttle next time)
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