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hi,im new and from the uk and i want to build a boba,i have a home-made vader(apart from the helmet-i brought a rubies)and now i want what i have wanted since 1980-BOBA,i just need to know a few things.i have found a site called bobamaker and i notice his name come up on here from time to time,would i be better off buying my flightsuit and soft parts from him?any help would be gratefully received,thanks very much mike.
Hi Mike,
Welcome! I am a proud owner of a set of Bobamaker soft parts (flightsuit, vest, side pouches, gloves, spats) and they are fantastic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Hi to you all,its been a couple of months since i started my boba,and of course christmas halted things but up to now i have a white rope girth belt,a set of shin tools and a pair of boba gloves,i was wondering if they look any good?:) :( i am saving my pennies up at the moment for a BM flightsuit,hopefully soon....happy new year to everyone.




Not only are BM's flightsuits great in quality, the customer service is excellent. I couldn't be happier with my flightsuit. I highly recommend him.
BM is not Cheap, but as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". His stuff is top notch and good customer service too.
After weighing the options and having the abilty to compare stuff. Bobamakers stuff is the best. I just put in an order with him for a new flight suit and flack vest.
i think i will be getting a BM flightsuit but im gonna wait a month or so as i went a little 'nuts' over christmas with the eating and stuff,lol,also i can save up and get a flak jacket at the same time.
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