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No its not a new toy by Hasbro, its my first attempt at creating a Jango outfit for a friend of mine. Here are some pics of what we have so far. I have a helmet that we are currently sanding down and a vest on the way so we can mount the rest of the armour. I'm using realy metal armour. With some sweet V.1 FP Gauntlets. And a full leather girth/holster set up. Lemme know what you guys think so far. This is just a test fitting we did to determine the placement of the velcro. We still have some adjusting to do on the suit and shape the metal a bit more. As usual the flash washed out alot of detail on the beautiful armour. Anyway... yeah.. thats where we are at so far.





Oh yeah and one more thing.. where the heck can I find some rub-n-buff. I live in Alaska so I dont have alot of the stores in the lower 48 states. Just wondering where you guys get yours from. Thanks.
Ya know looking at the pics the gauntlets do seem a bit small although in real they looked ok compared to the ref pics.. hmmmm.. dunno.

So any ideas where to get the rub-n-Buff for the helm?

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I appreciat it
Michael's, AC Moore, Joanne Fabrics....most craft stores. If you can't find it in your area, let me know. I can get it real easy.
Dude for a first attempt it looks great to me.

Thanks. I've been slowly getting all the good stuff that I can instead of working my way from the bottom so it even surprised me how good it looked when we did the mockup. I cant wait to see the final product.

I'll check in town for the rub-n-buff I'll keep you posted if I need any. Thanks again for the comments guys.
That most definately is WB armor! I just received mine about an hour ago.........Looks pretty good but my only complaint is that left gauntlet is too small for that frame.

So any ideas where to get the rub-n-Buff for the helm?

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I appreciat it

I got you coverd on that one, i have like three tubes of the stuff. I can drop it off thursday or friday. 8)

Or you can hit Michales on Diamond, they have it too.
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