My first Jango :)


Hey guys! Just wanted to post my first Jango costume! I sported it for C3 and I'm wearing it tomorrow night in Elmhurst, IL at the York Theatre. Come if you can, we'll party!
Introducing 501st member BH 7383!!!

AWSOME! I'm glad your proud of it! Is that a set of ebay armor? Reminds me of my first one too, but yours seems to be holding together much better than mine did and your is actually complete ve mine withouth belts or gauntlets lol. Very nice!
Thanks for the props, guys! I did in fact get my armor from Schuby's Galactic Props on ebay, I am pretty happy with it for my first timer.
The helmet is a rubies collectors helmet, the gauntlets are a modified ruffkin kit (if you have a kit and have questions, I am more than willing to help out!), the belt, armor, decals and jumpsuit I got from Schuby. The shoes are a pair of Euro-ish Shoe Carnival shoes. I got the leather gloves from Osco a while ago. Haven't yet attempted a jet pack, but I would like to go with a Kamino jet pack eventually.
Underarmor is clothing you wear under everything else. people use it for sports and other things, it keeps you really cool. I don't think they make blue though. But you can still wear it under everything to keep cool if you want.
Looks good for your first suit. A few suggestions. Trim the chest armor to better fit your frame (they look too large), cover your neck, Upgrade those holsters and mod that helmet (Cut out the visor) Your on your way brother! Welcome to the Jango Clan.
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