My first helmet


New Hunter
It's been several months of working at this a little bit at a time (a few minutes here and there mostly) but I think I've done alright.

I started with a Don Post 95 bucket, right out of the box, trimmed out the visor, sanded and primed everything. I'm thinking I probably should have removed the rangefinder to make things a bit easier, but .. too late now.

Krylon, Tremclad and Rustoleum spray cans for the main colors. All topical. Brush on acrylics for the darker grey/maroon details, and the silver battle damage portions were done with a silver Sharpie.

CD-Rom Labels for the printer were used to make the earcap decals.

Picture 196.jpg

Picture 197.jpg

Picture 198.jpg

Picture 199.jpg

Picture 201.jpg
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