My First Armor YEAH!!

CHECK IT OUT! I finally got off my butt and made some armor. I used the trash can method, it's awesome. It looks okay being my first Jango. It needs some work but is going well. We used the same method on a Vader which looks good! I need help on a vest if anyone can seel one to me.
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I have posted several times that I have a vest for sale made out of high quality marine vinyl. (And now its 501st approved) AAnyhow it is 24 inches across and like 22 inches tall. PM me if you are interested.


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Yeah, just open the pics in paint, downsize them to 25% would be size. Depending on the quality of your camera that is.

Remember to sand the plastic really well! I always did 100 grit, then 200 grit, then a wetsand with the 200 grit :)