my finished helmet


here is the finished product. except for trimming the visor on the bottom. i had a real hard time getting that thing in there right. it isn't flush with the helmet in all places, but it will do for now. i used an old motocross helmet liner for the helmet and velcroed it in there (pics before i washed it and put the visor in). it fits nice and snug and quite comfy too. for the weathering i used pencil. i covered a sheet of paper with pencil rubbings, rubbed a paper towel on it with my finger and then onto the helmet. it gives it a good soft feel that i am very happy with. and, it really dulled out the yellow i used on the back of the helmet. so, here it is, my first helmet!








Active Hunter
looks great!! but one thing ive always wondered, why did they name that toy darth tater? i think vader tater has a better ring to it:lol: bucket looks great



i've already made adjustments to my "finished" helmet. i tweeked the liner a bit by removing a lot of the padding, it was a little too tight in there, i couldn't see out that great because of the top pad so that's out and my nose was squished against the visor. and, i've pulled the visor out twice to adjust it, onlyonce on purpose mind you. but it fits way better this time around. i heated it up and curved it a little bit more so i don't have as much gap as i did the first time. i'm gonna pick up some jb weld tonight and see how that works since the 2 part epoxy i had didn't hold too well,it wasn't hard to pull out at all.