My Finished ESB EE-3!!!!

DL44 Blaster

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After 5 years in the making I finally aquired all the parts and time I needed to pull this off. Barring the sling screw posts and sling it is complete. Special thanks to:
Hand Schaub
Boba Freek
Braks Buddy
Omega man

Parts consist of mainly original parts:
1)An authentic Webley&Scott No.1 Mark1 bronze casting
2)An original A.S.I. 4x20 scope with correct original vintage scope rings
3)An original Heiland (sorry guys,no MPP here)
4)An original set of vintage UK split plugs
5)An original set of vintage V-8 connecting rods
6)An original set of "Molex connectors"

img_0091 (2).jpg

img_0094 (2).jpg

img_0098 (2).jpg

img_0099 (2).jpg

img_0101 (2).jpg
Thanks so much for all the kind comments guys....:eek: This was one of the most fun blasters I've ever done. There was a time when I thought I'd never find all the parts,but I hung in there and it really turned out better than even I expected when I started out so many years ago.

BobaFettSlave_1 said:
awsome ESB blaster. but.... i beleave your heiland is upsidedown. the circles are spose to go on the bottom not the top.
Nope, looks like he got it right ;)
Also, here's the only decent photo I can find of the side box detail. Beats me what it is.


I don't think I've ever said this about anybody's work before, but there's a first time for everything:

I think that's the best [blaster] I've seen.

Terrific work. All the original pieces only add to it's perfection.
the blaster is excelent but i still think the heiland is up side down. the oval hole on top is the hole on the MPP. heres a pic. i think that the circular holes are on the left side of the flash when the oval is on top. that may be why you never see the holes on film i circles where the holes are. in the film pic you cant see them cause they are facing fett.

srry bout the crappy number job :p


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I see what you mean,but keep in mind that the "emitter" area of the Heiland and MPP differ from their respective shrouds and mounting points. Thus the oval holes are rotated in a different fashion. At the very most the screen cap could be rotated about 5 degrees more to the left than mine,not the full 180 that you say...I wanted an even amount showing on each side. Having the etched "Heiland" rotated to the bottom is also nice for aesthetics. ;)

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