My fiberglass helmet project (Progress pics!!!)


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This is my first ever Boba related project and my first time using/casting with fiberglass.
It started out as a plaster casting of a 95 DP helmet, but I resculpted the dent and the whole back keyhole section (The plaster casting for the keyhole section was ruined by air-bubbles on the mold :angry )
With JD's help via phone and e-mails (Thanks again Loren!), I was able to make a 3-part mold and casted 2 helmets, the first one was too thin and because of being impatient I broke it when I pulled it from the mold. The one here is the second helmet next to the DP after some more sanding and bondo work.
I still have more work on it, but here it is so far with taped on resin ear-pieces:
That's a sweet lookin' bucket man. Amazing for your 1000th try, let alone your first.

I tip my bucket to you sir!
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Fantasmagorical, man! Wow, maybe I can talk you into making a Boba-shaped camper shell for my pick-up. :) ...Nice work area too, btw. It's even number coded. Now THAT'S organization!
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ditto that, looks like an awesome helmet, especially from your first try or two. Very well done!

Update when you're painting,
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Thanks again everyone:eek:
It took a lot of work (sanding/bondo) already to get to this primered stage, but I'm pretty happy with the results. It's not a perfect casting and I still have to cut a little more on the left side to make it even with the right, and more sanding to do but I'm really eager to start painting.

Question though for those who have fiberglass helmets: How do I get my visor to be flush to my helmet? The vertical lines is fine but I can't get my dremil to sand the inside of the curved eye section evenly?
Do I get the curve of the visor as close as possible and then fill in the gaps from the outside with bondo or something?
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Don't feel too bad about the first one, Vash, that happens sometimes. What you undertook, was a very challenging task. For someone just starting out in fiberglass, You've handled building a dissasembling mold beatifully, without the benefit of an actual demonstration. That alone, is something you can be proud of. WELL DONE!
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Thanks JD, I couldn't have done it without a good teacher;)
I think I can salvage the first one, with a lot of bondo work, the parts that broke/chipped were the mandibles and the back and I can probably add another layer of fiberglass to reinforce it. I'll show pics if and when I decide to do this.
What brand of silver or chrome should I put on this?
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Here is how it looks today. It's not movie accurate, but hopefully when I finish and do some touch-up it will look close. I still have loads of work still left to do:wacko
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Here's another progress pic as of today.
I'm not through weathering and I think the mandibles is a little too red, (although not as bad as in the picture)
Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

The visor is made from an acrylic sheet that I tinted with limo tint. It is thin enough to be cut with scissors.
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Looking great. I also think the mandibles might be a little bright. Maybe rub some charcoal in to darken them or just use some sort of misting or acrylic wash. You might also want to throw in some other greys/chromes for the damage to make it more multi-layered and realistic. I know you said you're not done with it, so you might be doing that anyway :)

Looking like a great first time,

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