My Fiberglass Bucket-in-progress:)



Here's my Fiberglass Bucket-in-progress.:)

This was a VERY warped 95 or 96 DP casting I got off ebay. Looks pretty enough, but I had to do some MAJOR work on it, to get it presentable.:facepalm First off, the cheeks were unacceptable. If you look at a couple pics, you can see just how WARPED they were. Plus the whole thing was 1/4 to 1/2" thick in any given area.

I made entirely new cheeks on a cookie sheet, using the bottom sides as the OUTsides. I also added a half to 3/4" of length to the bottom, and also cut out + moved the rear detail out 1/4".

Please don't make fun of my "fiberglassing".;) This was my first time. And like any model I putty up, it's really more of a sculpting job than a "filler" job.

Here, you can see the before-to-after pic, and some in between. I thought I took a pic of the enlarged earpieces, with my metal stalk, taped on, but that must still be in the camera.:(

The final measurements, without earpieces, are roughly 10x10x12.

[EDIT]: Pics removed- Mandaloriancostuming painted it for me, and that one's better.:D
DUDE first off all there is nothing to laugh at ,you are an artist in your own ways like many of us are in this forum. If this is your first attempt guess what ''great job'' ,today I happen to be working on my metal knee gaurds.Keep up the great work the helmet looks great. peace GIL.
wow is all i have to say...I wish i could do thaty, maybe some day....haha. Only suggestion is if possiable try to give it more of a "flare". Otherwise its smokin. Hell of alot better than I could pull off
"Most Impressive" **in best Vader voice** looks good for your first try!!!! good luck on the rest of your costume!
Wow. Thanks!:D

I'm working on knees right now. Cardboard templates that I'm fiberglassing.;) Ought to be interesting.

TA- I'm "faking" the flare a little.;) I wish I had the pics of the earpieces on. I added about .160" to the thickness of each, which also allowed me to lengthen them downwards. Two birds with one stone.;)

I've sent it out to be painted, but I may end up having to do it after all.

I also cut in a groove from the INSIDE- about 1/4" all the way around so the visor can be mounted from the inside, and I thinned out as much of the helmet as possible. It was pretty thick. You can see areas where the fiberglass is showing through the resin, because it was so warped. I took out as much of the "oblong cornering" as possible- especially at the right rear.

I hate the smell of fiberglass!
Great job on that helmet.
I can't believe I didn't read this post before, I'm here at least 3 or 4 times a day:eek:.

I know what you mean about the smell of fiberglass being extremely stanky. . . but you get yust two eet afftre a wayl wit noe lingrrring efekt.*@!!:wacko
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the helmet is coming along great. i have left some of the pitting and such as battle damage gives the helmet a really good used look to it, i have to say i was rather sceptical about the helmet at first by your description, but after i received it it looked much better than i was picturing in my head, excellent fiberglass work too by the way. not bad at all for a first timer!
Thank you.:D

Funny, I never DID take pictures of it right when I got it. And the auction pic was fuzzy.

heres the pic it looks 100% better than a 97 d.p.
Holy crap!! That's awesome!!:eek:

I can't wait to see it in person! You did an awesome job from what I can see there.

Thanks for posting the picture, and making my day! I forgot this thread was here!:lol:

I'll have to delete those pesky broken links above.
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